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2019 / Event Supplies / Flooring / Professional

ASB LumiFlex

  • Prizes
    Gold in Event Supplies/Flooring
  • Company
    ASB GlassFloor, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Christof Babinsky
  • Project Link

ASB LumiFlex is a fully interactive LED sports floor, which houses LED displays beneath layers of specially engineered glass on the surface. Video content is displayed while playing sports: individual game lines, animated video, advertisements and marketing stunts to name a few. The floor can be equipped with a tracking system “ASB TracBack”, which tracks the location of the players, displays important stats such as speed, direction, score etc. on the floor in real time for the players and crowd to digest. Fully certified according to the EN 14904 standards (European Norm).

Photo Credit: Asb Glassfloor