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2019 / Children Products / Children Products / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Children Products/Children Products
  • Company
    Grad-Linig, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Uwe Dietrich
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photos: Dietrich

The smallest of all gradlinig desks amazes with its minimalist design that offers a maximum of functions: drawing, painting, writing, arranging, hanging, grasping, climbing - you name it. The MinimalisTisch is sustainable to the core. Only natural materials are used to compose this straight-lined piece that provides little explorers with a minimalist space allowing for a maximum of possibilities. And last but not least: This orange.
Isn’t is splendidly minimalist?

Designer Biography

Uwe Dietrich, carpenter since 1985, designer since 1990 - grad-linig
A straightforward, clear, comprehensible design language - that is my goal as a designer.
My goal as a carpenter is to create precisely built, durable objects with high craftsmanship.
Like that, unique pieces get created that follow a strong artistic vision, yet are developed in their individual way.
Some of these are the starting point of a whole line of products, others are, and stay one of a kind.

Other prizes
German Design Award 2017,Iconic Awards 2018,European Product Design Award 2018, European Product Design Award 2019,IDA Design Award 2019

Photo Credit: Grad-linig
Credits: Photos: Dietrich