2023 / Eco Design / Sustainable: Eco Design Products / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in ECO DESIGN/Sustainable: Eco Design Products
  • Company
    Jacob Antoni, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Jacob Antoni
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The ECO-BULB concept plays with the icon of the light bulb.

This design offers an efficient & sustainable construction: 2 cables connect to an LED strip, attached to 2 wood pieces, which hold the paper without adhesives.

Paper might darken over time but is easily replaceable. You can use any paper or colour.

This simplicity makes ECO-BULB easy to manufacture locally from industry off-cuts. Parts are easily available, exchangeable, recyclable (The lamp is compostable, except the electrical parts).

In opposition to glaring fluorescent tubes, the paper creates a charming warm glow.

Jacob Antoni is an award-winning industrial designer, product developer, and architect. Originally from Berlin, Germany, and currently based in Vancouver, Canada, his innovative designs push the limits of convention, seeking simplicity, introducing exciting twists in form and function.
My designs have been exhibited at NYC’s Wanted Design, the Interior Design Show Toronto, Toronto’s Off-Site Festival, and have been featured in Azure Magazine, Designlines Magazine, Archello, The Globe & Mail and Next Home Magazine.

Products available via, Betacalco and retailers.

Other prizes
My light design “Transforma - expanding chandelier” won the European Product Design Award in Gold 2018. My luminaire “Latitude” won the Best Prototype Award at IDS Toronto 2016, was a runner up for the prestigious European Red Dot Design Award, and received a NYCxDesign Award Honouree at the New York Design Week 2016. Award of Distinction for Artistic Excellence, Art Space Toronto 2015

Photo Credit: Jacob Antoni