2023 / Families & Kids / Bath & Health: Tubs / Professional

Space Oddiy

  • Prizes
    Winner in FAMILIES & KIDS/Bath & Health: Tubs
  • Company
    Olivier Felix Isselin, France
  • Lead Designer
    Olivier Felix Isselin
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The Space Oddity overflow spa's sober lines and use of stainless steel magnify any environment in which it is installed, whether indoors or outdoors, in a historic or contemporary place. This aesthetic does not compromise on comfort of use, as it features an ergonomic seat and a soft-touch interior surface, along with the possibility to place jets and blowers on demand. Furthermore, the spa offers customizable options, such as the choice of grating shape and material, and the color of the tank, which make each Space Oddity spa unique.

Olivier Félix Isselin, artist, designer and Franco-Italian entrepreneur, lives in France. Whether for scenography, space creation or product design, he offers a minimalist and elegant design devoid of any artifice. The goal is to create remarkable objects that fit perfectly into their environment. Curious, he has always sought to explore new avenues, whether in his professional or personal life. He also studied architecture, but worked in events and communication, as well as in contemporary art, where he notably managed art galleries. He is a designer, creator and manager all at the same time.

Other prizes
2024, Silver Italy International award (IIDA), Design of Bathroom product 2024, FD100 2024 by Le French Design 2024, Grand Prix du Design Paris - Best of Bathroom products / Inovation Award 2023, A' Design Award - Bathroom furniture & sanitary ware design category. 2023, Silver IDPA Japan Design Award. 2023, DNA Paris Design Awards 2023 winner in Produc Design / Sport & Leisure.

Photo Credit: Olivier Felix Isselin