2022 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Sports/Toys/Games
  • Company
    studiooberhauser, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Martin Oberhauser
  • Design Team
    Florian Prader, Diego Cappadozzi, Martin Keim
  • Client
    ClimBall OHG - SNC
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BoulderBall, the first combined training tool and game specifically made for climbers and enthusiasts, finger-dexterity training and climbing technique.
Inspired by climbers, the BoulderBall packs an ideal climb-training tool and fidgeting game into a small ball that can be brought along everywhere. The round structure of the BoulderBall is the canvas for ten different climbing routes, specifically designed for different skill levels and climbing techniques. The routes on the BoulderBall are all color coded and match a set of playing cards which serve as guides for the game.

We believe that design can have a groundbreaking and positive impact.

Material based design is the foundation for a visionary and futuristic design language. A cradle to cradle, cross-disciplinary approach to design allows the design-team to connect different techniques and ideas, materials and production methods, creating a bold and striking design language.

studiooberhauser unites a multidisciplinary team of creative and innovative minds that realize projects in the fields of product design and interior design.

Other prizes
Awards 2022: 2x German Design Award - Frankfurt 1x BigSEE Design Award - Ljubljana Awards 2021: 3x German Design Award - Frankfurt 4x BigSEE Design Award - Ljubljana 1x LIT Lighting Design Award Winner - Los Angeles, (CA) USA 1x HERMES Creative Award Platinum Winner- Dallas, (TX) USA 1x MarCom Awards Platinum Winner- Dallas, (TX) USA 1x MarCom Awards Gold Winner- Dallas, (TX) USA

Photo Credit: Studiooberhauser