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2019 / Design For Society / Design for Sustainability / Student

Automatic drainage cover

  • Prizes
    Silver in Design for Society/Design for Sustainability
  • Lead Designer
    Sheng Chuan Xin, Xie Shan shan
  • Design Team
    Liao Wen long, Mai hao dong, Wang Lei chong, Yang rong
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    In-house Design: Wang Wu Feng, Zhang Zao Hui
  • University
    Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic/Zhongshan Institute of Wuhan University ofTechnology

The Automatic Drainage Cover realizes the whole drainage process through self-driving gravity drainage structure. When the rainwater gathers in large quantities, it will flow into the chamber under the well cover, and the will be pulled by gravity and cause the chamber to rotate down along the spiral structure, then the connected drainage cap will also be dropped and unfolded, so that it can drain automatically quickly and efficiently. In addition, the product can ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in any state for the whole well cover does not need to be fully deployed in drainage.

Photo Credit: Sheng Chuan Xin, Xie Shan Shan
Credits: In-house design: Wang Wu Feng, Zhang Zao hui