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Pendant "Magic Faces"

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Lifestyle and Travel/Luxury Goods
  • Company
    Atelier Munsteiner, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Tom Munsteiner
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Joerg Rodighiero
Aquamarine 72.43 carat, 950/- Platinum

A perfect symbiosis of an elegant, round exterior, and the mysterious aura of the design: a circular ball, divided symmetrically by an hourglass-shaped incision. The idea behind this new design is an evolution of Tom’s iconic „Magic Eye” cut. The cut vaguely resembles the outlines of a face, and we like to interpret it as a small guardian, protecting its wearer from harm.

Additional images of the "Magic Faces" design in Amethyst and Citrine.

“Designing the stone” is the motivating maxim in the Munsteiner studio. The major focus lies in the modern shaping of diverse gemstones. This has already gained international recognition and won several awards. Expertly selected minerals are turned into valuable unique objects, job lots and objets d'art by means of new cutting styles. Beryl, tourmaline, garnet, amethyst, citrine, ametrine, fire opal, rock crystal and rutile quartz are mainly used. Our goldsmiths produce innovative unique jewellery in gold and platinum using these cuts

Other prizes
2019 German Design Award, Special Mention (Category Luxury Goods) 2018 AGTA Spectrum Award Objects of Art : 2nd place 2018 European Product Design Award - Silver and Bronze Award 2015 International Design Award - Honorable Mention 2014 Golden A’Design Award In Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design 2014 mineralArt : Honorable mention 2013 Prize of Art and Craft Rhineland - Palatinate 2010 The Gemmys 2010 Faceted Gems category: : 1st place Gem Objects : 2nd place 2009 The stone in the jewelry: 1st place St. Petersburg, Russland 2009 Platinum Couture Style Challenge Winner 2009 The Gemmys 2009 Gem Objects : 1 place Cabochon Gems : 1st place 2008 mineralArt 2008 : 3rd place mineralArt 2008 : Honorable mention 2007 3rd place and a Honorable mention in the German Jewelry and Precious stone design Competition, Idar-Oberstein 2007 Prize of Art and Craft Rhineland – Palatinate 2007 The Gemmys 2007 Cabochon Gems : 1st place Specially cut Gem : 1st place 2006 The Gemmys 2006 Cabochon Gems : 1st place Specially cut Gems : 1st and 2nd place Gem Objects : 1. place 2001 1st place in the German Jewelry and Precious Stone Design Competition, Idar-Oberstein 2001 State prize (Munich-Bavaria) 2001 AGTA´s Spectrum Award 2001 International Division: 1st place 1999 3rd place in the German Jewelry and Precious Stone Design Competition, Idar-Oberstein. 1999 Winner of the “Sculpture – Competition” for the innovation-prize of Oberfranken (Bamberg-Bavaria) 1998 AGTA´s Spectrum Award 1998 International Division: 1st place 1997 AGTA´s Cutting Edge 1997 International Open Category: 1st place International Objects of Art: Honorable mention 1992 1st Prize in the promotional competition, sponsored by Rhineland - Palatinate 1991 Honorable Mention in the German Jewelry and Precious Stone Design Competition, Idar-Oberstein

Photo Credit: Atelier Munsteiner
Credits: Photo by: Joerg Rodighiero