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2019 / Catering Products / Restaurant Supplies / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Catering Products/Restaurant Supplies, Silver in Home Interior Products/Tableware
  • Company
    Studio Zetass Sas, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Marcello Ziliani
  • Client
    Pinti Inox
  • Other credit
    Photo Claudio Sambinelli

Audrey offers the feeling of holding precious but unintimidating objects, which actually convey a sense of pleasantness and comfort. The goal was to find a response to each need without the latter affecting the others negatively. These features are heightened by the fluid and soft lines whose uniqueness lies in the lateral section due to the change of thickness in proximity of the collar. The fork is “easy” for eating spaghetti and “soft” to the mouth, the knife can cut naturally and effortlessly while the spoon allows one to enjoy the soup without “drooling”. And so on and so forth.

Marcello Ziliani, architect and designer, was born in Brescia in 1963.
He doesn’t like the absolutism and the indestructible certainties, he loves to look at things with always different eyes to be in tune with them, he prefers to speak softly and, above all, listen.
He believes that any project is, after all, a desire, a hope of flight and, despite the great run you can do waving your arms uselessly, sooner or later you can have your ten meters of gliding.
Since 2011 he’s a professor of product design at the University of San Marino

Photo Credit: Studio Zetass Sas
Credits: photo Claudio Sambinelli