2018 / Packaging Design / Sustainable Design / Professional


  • Company
    Metz Textil & Design GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Ralf Iding
  • Other credit
    Design Plus Award 2017
Violan® is the brand name of an absolutely new kind of felt. It is the first purely herbal material from renewable resources, sustainably procured and finished in Germany in environmentally friendly processes. Violan is 100% biologically degradable and entirely free from noxious substances and to make it even more modern machine washable. The oversized bag "Buddy" is one of Metz's light house products made of Violan®. It is at the ideal companion for every day as a bag for fire wood, laundry or for extensive shopping; "Buddy" combines temporary design and functionality in a beautiful manner.

Metz Textil and Design GmbH is a company combining temporary design and functionality of products in an unique way by using natural products that are environmentally friendly and based on renewable resources. Driven by the idea of making the life more colourful it works in 60 different colours and two main material line. Wool felt and the first purely herbal felt Violan® that the company introduced to the market two years ago. Products have to be eye-catching and useful at the same time and care should be easy to make everyday use a no-brainer because life happens every day.

Other prizes
European Ethical Design Award 2016 Form 2016 Award BUNDESVERBAND KUNSTHANDWERK Design Plus 2017 for two products

Photo Credit: Metz Textil & Design Gmbh
Credits: Design Plus Award 2017