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2018 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Student

Pop Up

  • Lead Designer
    Jiankun Sun
  • Design Team
    Kairui Wan,Xi Cheng
  • University
    Wuhan University of Technology

There are two difficulties in using contact lenses. One is that contact lenses soaked in disinfectant are hard to be Found out.Second, the shelf life of contact lenses is easy to be forgot.This contact lens box adopts double layer design, the inner layer is a funnel-shaped filter layer with plastic spring, this structure can realize contact lens automatically rising out of the water while opening the cover.The bottom adopts a rotatable chassis, engraved with the month and day, can record the shelf life of contact lens, avoid the using of expired contact lens.the chassis can be reused.

Other prizes
2017 A'Design Award & Competition,Bronze Award 2017 China Red Star Original Design Award,winner 2017 China Good Design,Award nomination 2017 Huanghei Cup Industrial ,gold Award 2017 HongKong Annual Design Award,Silver Award

Photo Credit: Jiankun Sun