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Z-Matic Hybrid Stairs and Ladders

  • Company
    Bcompactdesign, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Zev Bianchi
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'Z-Matic Hybrids' are a new & unique take on your standard staircase/ladder.
This product folds flat up against the wall or feature it is attached to, obvious functions are to save space & secure access to different levels.
The flat folding ladder version replaces an often-complicated attic pull-down or metal ladder; in an easy to use and attractive manner.
The Hybrid Stair also folds flat but incorporates a unique automated pop-up hand rail & door system to increase overall safety & functionality.
After time; SPACE in the metropolis, is definately our most precious commodity!

Bcompact was founded by Zev Bianchi, an industrial designer from Sydney, Australia. Zev first conceptualised and designed the now iconic folding staircase in the early 2000's and finally brought it to life as a prototype in 2013. After being awarded design patents and winning numerous international awards, the folding staircase shot to fame in a viral video that was seen over 130 million times. Bcompact now ships both the folding staircase and the folding ladder globally.

All of this may have not been possible without Zev's discovery of Bamboo. A strong, beautiful and highly sustainable mater

Other prizes
- Good design award winner - European product design award 2018 - Archiproducts design awards 2020 - LICC 2021 professional Official selection USE (product) - Award of the year grands prox du design 2021 - IF design award 2019 - IF design award 2024

Photo Credit: Bcompactdesign