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2018 / Home Interior Products / Staircase / Professional

Z-Matic Hybrid Stairs and Ladders

  • Company
    Bcompactdesign, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Zev Bianchi
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'Z-Matic Hybrids' are a new & unique take on your standard staircase/ladder.
This product folds flat up against the wall or feature it is attached to, obvious functions are to save space & secure access to different levels.
The flat folding ladder version replaces an often-complicated attic pull-down or metal ladder; in an easy to use and attractive manner.
The Hybrid Stair also folds flat but incorporates a unique automated pop-up hand rail & door system to increase overall safety & functionality.
After time; SPACE in the metropolis, is definately our most precious commodity!

Photo Credit: Bcompactdesign