2017 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Outdoors, trekking and camping
  • Company
    Yeti, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Oliver Reetz
  • Design Team
    Peggy Bamme, Nicole Priebe
  • Client
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The combination of outstanding components and
innovative workmanship has lead to the Strato
men’s jacket which with a weight of only 155
g (size M) is the lightest down jacket in the
world. It has an ultra small packing size,
and can be packed into its own left hand
pocket, where it can be used as a pillow – or
being compressed to the size of an orange.

A new dimension in lightweight construction.
The secret behind Strato is the ultra light
„Next to Nothing” 7d x 7d rip-stop fabric
weighing only 19 g/m² combined with the
premium Class 1 Crystal Down from white
European geese with a down mixing ratio of
95/5 and a loft of 900+ cuin. Together they
set new standards for weight and insulation.

Strato comes with two full functional zipper
pockets, an inner pocket, an integrated
packsack and elastic hem and cuffs. It is
antistatic, water-repellent and durable, yet
breathable with a feel of silk.

Strato comes in a men’s version called Cirrus.

A special selection of down
Crystal Down from Yeti is premium down of the
absolute finest quality solely from European
geese – mainly 100% White Goose down from
Poland. A single gram of Crystal Down
consists of up to 1000 individual pieces of
down. Yeti Crystal Down is measured and
labelled by EN standards and complies with
the EDFA Traceability Standard.

Yeti Down Codex
As animal welfare is a key element for Yeti
all Crystal Down complies with the EDFA
Traceability Standard – and the code of
conduct is clear and monitored. Yeti only
uses down that is a by-product of meat
production and the down comes from free-range
birds with access to healthy food, water,
light and shelter. The flock density,
handling, and transportation are regulated.
Yeti does not allow live plucking,
force-feeding, or steel wire cages.

Photo Credit: Yeti