2017 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop / Student

Injera Project

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop
  • Lead Designer
    Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design
  • Design Team
    Dana Douiev
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Through in-depth research that I conducted in Ethiopia and in Israel, I understood the future of the Teff and the Injera, which lead me to the idea for my project:

"INJERA"- A set of utensils for a new preparation ceremony of Injera - one that combines tradition and innovation, and thereby makes the teff accessible to the modern kitchen.

The project explores the African and Ethiopian culture in relation to agriculture and food.

The teff is a “super food” that has high nutritional values and is the basis for the preparation of injera- a sponge - like fermented bread that holds a monumental place in the Ethiopian kitchen.

The teff stands at the gates of modern culture and this project comes to welcome it in through the use of new utensils.

Through these utensils the “new ceremony” takes place, in which cultural elements are renewed. Elements that have been lost during the cultural migration from village to city, and from inside Ethiopia to foreign countries.

All this takes place appropriately and with consideration to the modern kitchen’s pace.

My journey included Ethiopia and Israel (where there is a big Ethiopian community) and it made me understand the importance of the emphasis of every action and tool.With the aid of designed objects, which tell a story about a culture, heritage and functionality, I believe the properties of this ceremony can be passed on everywhere and to every generation.

I would be very happy to promote this project one step forward, and to bring it to a stage of mass production. In parallel, I believe the manufacture of it should be in the place the tradition came from, out of a will to keep the balance between cultural inspiration and financial remuneration.

Other prizes
1. MEISLER prize 2. This project I also executed in the "Design week in Milan 2016" in the exhibition " we are social animals" ׂׂ

Photo Credit: Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design