2017 / Home Interior Products / Lighting / Student

Ampoule LMP

  • Prizes
    Silver in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Residential Sustainable Design, Silver in Home Interior Products/Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Renaud Defrancesco
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  • Other credit
    Ecal / Renaud Defrancesco

Turning the bulb into a lamp – finding the
perfect marriage of the light source and the
lampshade – is an idea that easily suggests
itself, and that has concerned designers for
decades. The solution has now been found with
the Ampoules LMP. The LED technology is of
topical interest thanks to its durability,
energy efficiency and doesn’t need, by
contrast to the forms of traditional bulb, a
specific glass. I therefore redrew the lines
of the protective glass in different shapes
of lampshades so it becomes a lamp by itself.
The present project – a genuine innovation –
the opaline glass is manufactured by using
stamping, it allows to have directly the lens
incorporated. These Ampoules LMP, just like
traditional light bulbs, can be screwed
directly into a light fitting. The Ampoule
LMP is not only a source of light anymore but
also a source of atmosphere. Moreover the
resulting product is an object of interest,
for its economic and sustainable potential.

Photo Credit: Renaud Defrancesco
Credits: ECAL / Renaud Defrancesco