2017 / Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery_LS / Professional

UGO Dignity Stand

  • Company
    TRIG Creative Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Alex Smith
  • Design Team
    Peter Reed John Jennings
  • Client
    Optimum Medical
  • Project Link

TRIG Creative has worked in the healthcare
sector for a number of years in particular in
the field of Urology. We were commissioned by
Optimum Medical to develop their new Ugo
Urology system.

One of our tasks was to create and design an
innovative urine bag stand, which would meet
all of the patients need in any clinical or
home environment. Meanwhile recognising and
enabling an individual’s right to privacy,
dignity and respect.

Currently the best practice, and accepted as
a right by healthcare users, to provide
dignity and respect, is through the effective
use of private rooms, curtains, screens,
blankets and appropriate clothing, but this
cannot always be guaranteed in all circumstances.

After gathering an understanding of the
environments, the way the product would be
used and viewed as well as the UK NHS Policy
on privacy, dignity and respect. We took the
approach to protect the user’s modesty while
using a urology drainage bag, by introducing
a dignity cover. The overall design aesthetic
was created so that it blends seamlessly into
any environment without drawings any
attention. The added benefit of the dignity
cover is that it provides discreet urine

Overall the product was designed to benefit
patients and work together as a cohesive
system whilst providing easy to use features
for the care professional. The Ugo Stand with
dignity gives a thoughtful and creative
solution to a sometimes delicate situation.

Photo Credit: Trig Creative Ltd