Silver 2017 / Flora And Fauna / Devices, gadgets or products not made for humans / Professional

The Dog Room

  • Company
    Made By Pen
  • Director
    Michael Ong
  • Design Team
    Susan Chung, Michael Ong

The guiding principle for The Dog Room was to create a design equally for owner and dog. Through research and observation it was noticed that dogs prefer to find a cave-like shelter when "finding their spot”. The Dog Room was designed to support this behaviour with its half covered entry. The Dog Room’s pitched-roof form is an iconographic reference to our idea of ‘home'. The minimalist aesthetic, in conjunction with its materials, gives The Dog Room a sense of texture and quality that complements any interior or exterior fit out. To support durability for external use the design includes a raised base, aluminium portal frame, water resistant panels and rubber seals. A common issue from owners with their existing dog kennels is odour build up, which mostly emanates from the floor. To prevent this, The Dog Room has a removable bed that allows easy cleaning. The mattress is a charcoal based memory foam composite, which has the unique ability to filter and absorb bacteria and odour. Two vent holes at the rear allow for natural cross ventilation to help cool the room, but also passively reduce odour build up. 

Photo Credit: Made By Pen