2017 / Design For Society / Eco-Sustainable Design / Professional

boomerang - interactive furniture

  • Company
    ATMOSFERA, Croatia
  • Lead Designer
    Davor Silov
  • Design Team
    Bernarda Silov
  • Client
    self driven design
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    Product Boomerang - Interactive Furniture - Is Internationally Patented As Single Element And As Multiple Items. Peripherals Of Product Boomerang Elements Take Up Very Little Space During Transport Or When Disposed. The Integration Of The Product In Environment Is Possible In The Interior And Exterior. Questions Of Packaging And Disposal Are Resolved With Cardboard Packaging. The Production Technology Is Modern And Energy Consumption Is Very Small, Ie. In Good Ratio Considering The Usage Quality And Durability. Fasteners Are Made Of Stainless Steel - Inox.
The idea
In the nature that surrounds us, there is a
variety of the same elements that constitute
different forms. The idea was to design a
universal form of natural materials that can
create objects from everyday life. The element
that unites static, ergonomic and aesthetic
value, allows its own combination of getting
good quality usable items. This element we
called boomerang.
Boomerang is modular interactive system of
furniture made of high quality solid hardwood
(eg. oak; ash; beech;...), finished with oil.
Weight of one element is 60 grams.
Conceptually, this product is a synthesis of
the common denominator of many useful items.
By combining and stacking the same element can
be made a large number of functional objects,
such as furniture; chair, chairs, chaise,
chair, bench, barrier, hangers, shelves and
the like. Given that there are a number of
combinations that can be put together,
allowing the innovation and the person who
agrees. Boomerang is also fun!
The product is a lightweight, easy to handle,
can be used infinitely many times.
Multifunctional. It is safe and easy to
maintain. Use of the product is explicable
with simple graphic display – User manual.
Form and function of the product is adapted to
human use. The design is supposed ergonomic
use in all positions. How is made from 100%
natural wood oak. Furniture made of Boomerang
is very pleasant to the touch and creates a
natural balance of man and object.
The product is sized and configured so as to
be sturdy, strong, durable, and aesthetically
interesting multifuncionalan. The structure,
form and function of make the final product.
It is assumed extremely high durability, as
the basic material properties: the oak and
stainless steel.
Ecological compatibility
The product is 100% recyclable. The benefits
of the highest quality oak wood which is a
renewable material. Wood protection is done
with oil.
Photo Credit: Atmosfera
Credits: Product boomerang - interactive furniture - is internationally patented as single element and as multiple items. Peripherals of product Boomerang elements take up very little space during transport or when disposed. The integration of the product in environment is possible in the interior and exterior. Questions of packaging and disposal are resolved with cardboard packaging. The production technology is modern and energy consumption is very small, ie. in good ratio considering the usage quality and durability. Fasteners are made of stainless steel - INOX.