2017 / Design For Society / Eco-Sustainable Design / Professional

stasher bag

  • Company
    stasher, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Kat Nouri
  • Design Team
    Eric Pfeiffer
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  • Other credit
    - Patented Technology - 100% Pure Fda/eu Food Grade Platinum Silicone

For decades, the storage category has been
dominated by disposable plastic bags and
containers that poison the environment and pose
significant health risks to the people who use
them. Finally, there’s a revolutionary plastic-free
alternative that offers all of the ease, convenience
and functionality of plastic bags and containers,
but without any of the negative consequences:

stasher is the world’s first and only self-sealing,
air-tight, non-plastic bag. Made of 100% pure
platinum food-grade silicone, stasher contains no
petroleum, no BPA, no PVC and no latex, so it’s
safe for people and the planet. Unlike many
plastics, stasher can safely go from the freezer to
the microwave and to the dishwasher—again and
again, reducing waste and saving money.

cooking with plastic is an unhealthy recipe.
derived from petroleum, plastic is full of toxic
chemicals and synthetic materials proven to
cause serious health problems.

you always choose the freshest, healthiest
ingredients you can find to prepare meals, so
rethink using plastic when you cook. stasher bags
lock in juices and flavor like a standard plastic
sous vide bag, but are healthy, reusable, and easy
to clean.

Unique features:
· Innovative male/female pinch-press™ seal
is air-tight
· Temperature-resistant material is safe for
freezer, microwave, and dishwasher
· Reusable and easy to clean
· Non-porous surface helps inhibit bacterial
· Can be used thousands of times
· 3D pocket offers extra storage space
· Clear window provides easy visibility
· Write notes and labels with dry-erase
· Ideal for travel, school, work and more
· Sandwich- and snack-size now available;
additional sizes coming soon!

stasher is poised to revolutionize the storage
category, offering all of the ease and convenience
of plastic bags but without the harmful
consequences. Stylish, durable, and versatile,
stasher challenges people to rethink the plastic in
their lives.

Photo Credit: Stasher
Credits: - patented technology - 100% pure FDA/EU food grade platinum silicone