2017 / Illumination / Table Lamps / Professional

Empty Light

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Illumination/Table Lamps
  • Lead Designer
    Amanda Buckley
  • Design Team
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As a designer I am obsessed with light quality and am often disappointed with the lack of consideration given to the light source, particularly when you have a beautiful shade only to find a glaring light bulb facing you.

Empty Light is a truly unique and beautiful table lamp, unlike most lights it encourages viewers to look directly into it. It features an empty concave shade coated in a soft wash of white that reflects an array of hidden LEDs. While the
shade is concave, it gives the appearance of being a flat diffused surface, creating a beautiful and surprising optical illusion that draws you into it. As the main design element I chose to use a conical form, it is iconic within lighting design and creates an expectation of what you will find inside. I used this as an element of surprise to delight viewers when they look inside the shade and find it empty. The overall design is simple with subtile yet beautiful details so that the emphasis is placed on the interior of the shade and the lighting effect.

Empty Light is a table lamp that can be used as a reading light, task light or ambient light. The shade pivots and swivels on a hinge so that it can be adjusted to function as a direct or indirect light depending on the need at hand.
Empty Light is perfect for use at home or in the office as a table or desk lamp. Empty Light is made from spun aluminium and comes in a variety of colours.

Photo Credit: Amanda Buckley