2017 / Material Design / Manufacturing / Professional

Urban Strangers

  • Company
    Adrian Marwitz GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Adrian Marwitz
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All Adrian Marwitz Eyewear ist Handmade in Germany.

In January 2014, the urban strangers collection was
introduced, it won several design awards, including the
German Design Award in the category "Lifestyle and Fashion “.
Also, due to some prominent wearers it had strong media
representation in 2015.

An urban lifestyle with understatement was the overall idea of
this collection.
I myself, grew up in Berlin and lived there for a long time. Cities
fascinate me- how they change and one can always discover
something new. I dedicated the urban strangers collection to
this urban lifestyle.

Puristic, straight lined and yet there are always new colourful
corners- like the contrasting colour elements on the glasses’
In a big city you are never alone. The same people see each
other in the same places, but few of them really know each
other. This is the anonymity of the city-urban strangers.

We use only titanium. A light but also very strong material. This
enables special design options, while at the same time being
very comfortable to wear. The glasses are very light and fit

It is not easy to coat titanium. Therefore we are very proud of
the durability of our coating. It provides outstanding quality
day after day, year after year!The quality of the coating needs
to be experienced, therefore we take special care with how it

Photo Credit: Adrian Marwitz Gmbh