2017 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery / Professional


  • Company
    Cesaroni Design, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Morad Ghassemian
  • Design Team
    Brian Lee William Cesaroni
  • Client
    Leco Corporation
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    John Hauck - Project Manager, Leco Corp. John Hoss - Project Engineer, Leco Corp. Larry O’brien - V.p. Of Engineering, Leco Corp.

The Leco PX-500 is an advanced grinder/polisher
for preparing test samples in the Metallographic
Laboratory environment. It is designed to make
the grinding process as user-friendly, clean, and
precise as possible for the end-user. Features
such as the computer-controlled
grinding/polishing head, removable splash guard,
ergonomically angled GUI, large touch screen,
and automatic polishing solution dispenser, make
it the most advanced grinder/polisher available.
The large, easy-to-use touch LCD screen allows
users to perfectly control and reproduce results
from one sample to the next. All elements of the
process are controlled through the touchscreen,
including the grinding/polishing speed, pressure,
lubrication solution and lubricant amount. Built-in
LED lighting underneath the grinding/polishing
head clearly illuminates the samples. The high-
pressure water spigot is both user-positionable
and removable, allowing lab technicians to
lubricate and clean samples exactly as desired. In
addition, the automatic-flush spiral bowl drain
ensures effortless clean-up. The cost to produce
the PX-500 has also been significantly reduced
compared to previous products in the same line.
This was achieved through injection molding
engineering plastic parts to replace what were
formerly expensive die-cast aluminum parts. The
new PX-500 is designed inside and out to be the
best grinder/polisher for the skilled workers,
technicians, and scientists who build and use
them on a daily basis.

Photo Credit: Cesaroni Design
Credits: John Hauck - Project Manager, Leco Corp. John Hoss - Project Engineer, Leco Corp. Larry O’Brien - V.P. of Engineering, Leco Corp.