2017 / Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Rural Sustainable Design / Professional

Infinite Light

  • Company
    Designnobis, Turkey
  • Lead Designer
    Hakan Gursu
  • Design Team
    Designnobis Team
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Around the world, there are lots of rural
households which do not have access to
electricity and its implications are worrying.
Upon nightfall, many families are forced to
use kerosene lamps, spending approximately 25%
of their weekly budgets to light them. Along
with its cost, it also increases the risk of
fire and causes harmful smoke.
In this sense, infinite light is a simple
solution providing high quality and cost
effective solar lamp, to be used in rural
populace. It strives to answer the needs of
lighting of poverty –stricken people.
This simple solution provides light basically
with flexible solar panel and the batteries
which are placed in PET bottles. Flexible
solar panel which is rolled in the bottle
collects sunlight and with the batteries it is
stored and converted into energy. The part
which gives the light out is attached at the
bottom to the metal parts that also functions
as the cover and supporter of the bottle. The
metal wire at the top acts as handle, so the
light can be moved around and hanged from the
roof as well. Lighting unit does not require
any infrastructure and it is a ready-to-use
package that can be placed in a discarded
plastic bottle. Durable and long-lasting,
product aims to enlighten homes through a
sustainable, inexpensive design.
Photo Credit: Designnobis