2017 / Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
  • Company
    Denon, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Daniel Mota Veiga
  • Design Team
    Brendon Stead Jungwoo Choi Shunji Kato
  • Client
    D+m Group
  • Project Link

For decades audio companies have taken the same
conventional design approach in AV Receivers.
They were static sheet metal boxes, generally black, with a big
display, lots of buttons and very complex user interfaces.
They were Expensive Swiss army knives of audio equipment
designed to be hidden in a rack mount or inside a cabinet.

HEOS AVR is a lifestyle Hi Fidelity audio product that breaks
the old mold and pushes for a truly advanced AVR Design with
simple mobile app based UX and built with beautiful cast and
extruded aluminium housings that play an important role in
cooling the powerful amps inside.

Following the Iconic HEOS design language, the HEOS AVR
celebrates the DENON heritage of premium sound and audio in
a product that the new generation of power users will be proud
to own and display.

Photo Credit: Denon