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  • Company
  • Director
    Danish Designer, Jonas Støvring
  • Design Team
    Søren Bach and Jan Strandkvist

In 2016, Habitree launched a stylish and eco- friendly Christmas tree made from Kebony, a beautiful wood recommended by leading architects. Danish designer, Jonas Støvring, first developed the idea while working for a microbrewery in Denmark which used Kebony to build premium boxes for packaging their beer bottles. The process of manufacturing these boxes left the distillery with excess wood, with which Jonas created a small tree as a way of recycling the spare materials; the resulting product was so striking that the designer teamed up with entrepreneurs Søren Bach and Jan Strandkvist to establish Habitree as an individual start-up company. Comprised of overlapping stacks of Kebony wood, these unique and beautifully crafted trees provide the ultimate alternative to the typical Christmas Fir. The bespoke trees are a minimalist, stylish and sustainable addition to any household or workplace. Available online the Habitree can be individually shaped by the designer and decorated with candles or more traditional decorations during the festive season. Kebony was selected by Habitree for its aesthetically clean finish and sustainable credentials. Developed in Norway, the patented Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly process, which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the wood with furfuryl alcohol - an agricultural by-product. By polymerising the wood’s cell wall, the softwoods permanently take on the attributes of tropical hardwood including high durability and dimensional stability, without the need for tropical deforestation or environmentally damaging treatment. The Habitree is produced from FSC®-certified Kebony wood types. As the Habitree can be reused each year (or can be used all year-round) it reduces the number of trees cut down each year during the Christmas period. As such this unique indoor tree is created for those who enjoy Scandinavian design and want to celebrate Christmas sustainably.

Photo Credit: Kebony