Country Pick 2022 / / Student

LifeGuard Robot

  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Designs for Social Impact, Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Safety Designs
  • Lead Designer
    N.Noktehsanj ,S.Rahmani , M.Kamari , H.Maleki rizi
  • Design Team
    Navid Noktehsanjavval , Sahand Rahmani Khaki , Mozhgan Kamari Bidkorpeh . Hossein Maleki Rizi
  • University
    Iran University of Science and Technology
LifeGuard is an intelligent robot, we try to shorten the rescue time and help the quality of rescue work. In fact our goal was to increase the number of survivors and improve the quality of rescue work. This device can be transported on the shores in the form of standby along with lifeguards or on pleasure boats or rescue and cargo helicopters. Due to the intelligence of the lifeguard robot, this device has the ability to patrol remote areas of the coast, and if the persons in need are identified, to provide immediate relief and to the rest of the robots, as well as the Coast Guard transmit.

Other prizes
CORE 77 Design Awards 2022 Student Notable (Transportation Category) IDA 2021 Gold Winner (Design for Society) IDA 2021 Silver Winner (Aids/Prosthetics) IDA 2019 Gold Winner (Alternative Fuel Vehicles) . IDA 2021 Honorable Mention (Transportation) IDA 2021 Honorable Mention (Design for Society) IDA 2021 Honorable Mention (Design for Sustainability) IDA 2021 Honorable Mention (Design for Public Awareness) IDA 2021 Honorable Mention (Other Product Designs) IDA 2021 Honorable Mention (Design for Public Awareness) . Azerbaijan Design Awards 2022 Finalist Reddot Award Design Concept 2020 Finalist Asia Design Prize 2020 Finalist Industart Design Awards 2019 Finalist

Photo Credit: N.noktehsanj ,s.rahmani , M.kamari , H.maleki Rizi