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Nap in Garden or at Work

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Wellness and Relaxation Products
  • Company
    Swisslabnap/ Kammdesign/Moonkee/, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Fabien Mock
  • Design Team
    Oliver Kamm
  • Client
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  • Other credit
    Photo By Agnetti Sébastien / 3d Könnecke Stefan
Today, the benefits of a nap on our mental and physical health are no longer to be demonstrated. Moonkee took up the challenge by creating a unique and innovative design furniture: Mobile, Easily integrated into different spaces, a cocoon offering its occupant to lie out of sight while being visible in public space. Today, taking a nap everywhere is possible.

A health professional, Fabien Mock has worked in hospitals, education, at home and in companies as a coach. He is concerned about the chronic lack of sleep that people experience on a daily basis.

Designer and interior architect, Oliver Kamm has designed an object that navigates the confines of art and reality, a space of rest that is an incentive to retreat into the world at the same time as an elegant contribution to the surrounding setting.

For this year 2022, we created “Eclipse eco, a more urban version. We opted for external components in recycled pet. A material very interesting.

Other prizes
2021 mention honorable Design for Society Designs for Social Impact Honorable Mention

Photo Credit: Swisslabnap/ Kammdesign/moonkee/
Credits: Photo by Agnetti Sébastien / 3D Könnecke Stefan