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  • Prizes
    Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Luxury Goods
  • Company
    DWISS, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Rafael Simoes Miranda
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DWISS M3W watch design was inspired in our previous model that was designed in the world’s first Watch Design Club, with a new challenge, to create a different way of telling time. The solution was to apply to a standard movement a wandering hours module. It consists of an arm with three discs at the ends that shows the current hour and point to the minutes along the arc-shaped track on the upper part of the dial (from 10h to 2h). The dial have super-luminova, the case is made of 316L stainless steel with double domed sapphire crystal, WR to 20ATM, and have easy interchangeable strap/bracelet.

DWISS (Design Watch Independent Switzerland) is a multi design awarded Swiss brand of authentic and unique Swiss made timepieces, innovating how time is displayed, pioneering the use of new materials, and revolutionizing sales channels.

Its watches deviate from tradition by showcasing the time in formats never explored before, making each watch instantly memorable and iconic. They are all limited edition luxury watches with the highest-grade Swiss mechanical movements and craftsmanship.

Any watch can tell time, but we tell it diferently!

Other prizes
2019: ePDA – European Product Design Award (bronze award) 2018: LICC – London International Creative Competition 2018: IAI – IAI design award - China 2018: ePDA – European Product Design Award (Silver award) 2017: ePDA – European Product Design Award (Gold award) 2016: International Design award – (Bronze award) 2012: International Design award – (Silver award) 2005: Red Dot Design Award, Singapore (Winner) 2004: Targa Bonetto Design Award, Milano, (3rd Place)

Photo Credit: Dwiss