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Country Pick 2022 / / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Wellness and Relaxation Products
  • Company
    Shenzhen Dayi Technology Co., Ltd., China
  • Lead Designer
    Xiaojie Liang
  • Design Team
    Qingli Zeng
  • Project Link

littli-L1 reduces useless functions to make it easier for consumers to make choices, reduce product costs and allow more users to use electric toothbrusheUsing the natural color of the material, littli-L1 reduces environmental damage during processing. It reduces the discarded materials, the transparent ABS packaging box, and later it can also be used as a storage box.s, thereby improving dental health. Abandon useless decoration to reduce the volume of the product, close to the volume of a traditional toothbrush, convenient to carry, and reduce the use of disposable toothbrushes.

Photo Credit: Shenzhen Dayi Technology Co., Ltd.