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Country Pick 2021 / / Student

Seed Scoop Fertilizer

  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Sustainable Design
  • Lead Designer
    Zhixi Dai
  • Design Team
    Zhixi Dai, Zixi Chen, Hao Yao
  • Project Link
  • University
    Royal College of Art

Seed Scoop Fertilizer is a seed packaging including a scoop made of peanut shell material and seeds. In the practical process, the user should take out the seeds first, then use the scoop to dig the soil out and bury the seeds in the flowerpot. Finally, the user could break the spatula into pieces, put it in the soil, and drip it with water, to make the scoop become fertilizer and give nutrients. Designing environment-friendly products have always been the mission of designers. We hope to let more people pay attention to the sustainable use of resources through this design.

Photo Credit: Zhixi Dai