European Product Design Award – Media

This page contains the award logo and banners that could be used for online or print communication.

All the logos, images, graphics, illustrations and designs in this page could be useful for promoting your winning product.

The below logos are the sole and exclusive property of European Product Design Award™ (EPDA) . When displaying the logo, please follow our standard Trademark Guidelines. Other sizes and resolutions of the logo, some suitable for print, can be found here in the zip file. Additional guidelines regarding the logo’s appearance are given below:

Download the EPDA logo

– Logo must be clear and readable, not smaller then 3.8 cm (1.5 inches).

– Do not modify or alter the logos. Do not change or vary the colors of any logo. The logo red color is:

C 0, M 100, Y 60, K 0 (R 230, G 25, B 75)

– When using the logo online it should be linked to your company winning product or profile page at the European product design award website.

– Logos may only be used in marketing or other publicity materials to promote your winning product in all media.

– No logo may be used in any way that mischaracterizes any relationship between you and EPDA.

– No logo may be used in any way that suggests that EPDA is affiliated with, sponsors, approves or endorses you, your organization, your websites, your products or your services, unless such a relationship exists.

– Logos may not be used in any confusing way.

If you’d like to make any use of our logos that is not covered by this policy, or for further information or clarification about use of these logos, please contact us.