a red minimalistic rocking chair

ePDA Winners Press Coverage: Gain International Media Exposure and Consumer Awareness For Your Product Design!

May 6, 2021
Each year, the European Product Design Awards receives thousands of visionary product design projects, from which the esteemed jury panel chooses the ones that are most innovative, sustainable and visually pleasing. After the professional and student winners have been selected and announced, journals from all over the world take the opportunity to feature their projects in the biggest design publications, showing them to industry professionals and design-enthusiasts everywhere. Some of the most recent ePDA winners press coverage can be read below:
A row of airplane seats and a wheelchair that is put next to them. – Award-winning wheelchair concept designed to tackle aeroplane cabin accessibility

The Row-1 Airport wheelchair system is a smart solution to make flying more accessible to everyone. Created to transport the traveller from the check-in to their final destination, this is a revolutionary design helping those who need it the most.

Interior – Spanish Architect Pablo Carballal Updates the Classic Rocking Chair

The Madrid-born architect’s design, Granadina, envelops the concept of a red fruit with intense taste and the calming swing of Andalusia – all symbolized by this chair.

It is a minimalistic stance on the traditional rocking chair, taking it and bringing it into modernity for all to enjoy.

a red minimalistic rocking chair
a white container with compostable holder and holes for kitchen herbs

Yanko Design – This Self-Sustaining Planter + Composter Takes the Work Out of Indoor Gardening

To compost and to garden: the main objectives of the Sustainable Family Farm is to help us towards a more sustainable, green future. The usage is easy: put the compostable waste into the holder and see how the household herbs and veggies grow into their organic, beautiful self!

These projects demonstrate an incredibly high level of understanding of what the European Product Design Award jury panel is looking for: revolutionary ideas in sustainability, taking old concepts and providing a new twist on them to be more intuitive and to fit usage needs of customers.

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