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X-SEED PLUS Seed Backup Storage System

  • Company
    SecuX Technology Inc., Taiwan
  • Lead Designer
    Alice Bo-Wen Chang, Andy Chen
  • Design Team
    Doris Lai, Ellen Huang, Bill Chen, Lena Wu
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  • Other credit
    Photo Credit: Wayne Chu

X-SEED PLUS – The Most Secure Backup of Your Crypto SEED and Digital Assets

SecuX is proud to announce the arrival of their new blockchain security product line X-SEED. The product series X-SEED, X-SEED PLUS and X-SEED PRO each offers comprehensive tool kits to safely back up your seed phrases or recovery words on stainless steel and aluminum metal sheets. The robust and incombustible metal plates protect your private key as well as your digital assets on the blockchain against water and fire, and also offline away from cyber-attacks and hacking threats.

Photo Credit: Secux Technology Inc.
Credits: Photo credit: Wayne Chu