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2021 / / Professional

Varâ-Spritz visual identity & packaging

  • Company
    Isabel Alonso & Maria Ramon, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Isabel Alonso & Maria Ramon
  • Client
    Varâ-Spritz Aps

Varâ is a wine spritz brand whose identity aims to evoke a summer mood while embracing elegance and minimalism. The design addresses a young audience, but it still gives the impression of an adult drink. The illustrations on each can create appealing and recognisable patterns that depict cheerful scenarios: a holiday at the beach, a gathering in the countryside and a night party at a club. These fun illustrations complement the logo and both make each other stand out. The colours match the beverage flavours and, when combined as a palette, strengthen the idea of a fresh adult brand.

Isabel Alonso | Born in Murcia (Spain), Isabel studied Industrial Design and Graphic Arts in Valencia. After working in Spain and Sweden, she graduated as a product designer from the Royal College of Art in London with the La Caixa scholarship. For her, design is collaborative and a tool for social good.
Maria Ramon | Born in Valencia (Spain), Maria is currently living and working in London, where she graduated from the Royal College of Art as a product designer. She defines herself as a creative people-centric and user-experience designer. Her motto is "less but better" from Dieter Rams.

Other prizes
Isabel Alonso's design awards (selection) | The International Design Awards (IDA) 14th ed. (2021), Los Angeles, US. Double Honourable Mention. | Design for Change contest 1st ed. (2017), Dexde NGO, Valencia, Spain. Honourable Mention. | Cluster Envase y Embalaje contest 7th ed. (2016), Valencia, Spain. Honourable Mention. | Valencia Crea 2015 Awards, Valencia, Spain. National Best. | Valencia Crea 2014 Awards, Valencia, Spain. Honourable Mention. Maria Ramon's design awards (selection) | CETEM Awards 25th ed. (2020), Murcia, Spain. Finalist (pending final results). | KI Award 2020, London, UK. First Prize. | RO Guiltless plastic 2020, Milan, Italy. Finalist.

Photo Credit: Isabel Alonso & Maria Ramon