2020 / / Professional

Ventir Backpack

  • Company
    Whipsaw, Inc., United States
  • Lead Designer
    Dan Harden
  • Design Team
    Akifusa Nakazawa
  • Client
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Ventir is a modular backpack system that lets users change its configuration to fit any carrying need. Most people purchase a standard backpack that is too big for daily use but too small for a short trip. Ventir solves this pain point through its slim “Core” backpack onto which you can add up to three more bags. Core attaches to a zipper that runs around the perimeter of each additional bag. For light carrying days, users can simply use Core. For heavy days, they can zip on the “Basic” bag. Ventir also includes supplemental “Gym” and “Travel” bags. Ventir is an all-in-one carrying solution.

Photo Credit: Whipsaw, Inc.