2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    Ningbo MiroKids Toys Co.,Ltd / PolyU Design, China
  • Lead Designer
    Gana Xu, Yi-Teng Shih, Jay Li, Vincent Mao
  • Design Team
    MiroKids Toys Group
  • Other credit
    Gana Xu, Yi-teng Shih, Jay Li, Vincent Mao

Turn the handle of the caterpillar and use Apple's brain to turn out many creative materials for making colorful dough works. The main function is to help children squeeze out noodles and cut them into ingredients. Through mechanical design and considering children's ergonomic, children can more easily extrude noodles by rotation. We adopt series design principles so users can purchase different accessories to use together.

Other prizes
ePDA 2019

Photo Credit: Ningbo Mirokids Toys Co.,ltd / Polyu Design
Credits: Gana Xu, Yi-Teng Shih, Jay Li, Vincent Mao