2020 / / Professional

Jelly Fish Mask

  • Company
    Zhangzhou Ganwoo Industrial Design Co.,Ltd., China
  • Lead Designer
    Xiang Zhi Zhao
  • Design Team
    Xiang Zhi Zhao,Tai Ming Wei,Mei Xin Yan,Nan Lin ,Yi Ru Lu

The mask, called Jelly Fish, achieves real-time monitoring of body temperature module, which is a combination of mask and contact electronic body temperature module. This module is connected to the mobile phone app by Bluetooth connection, uploading the data of user's body temperature changes during the time period when the user is wearing.The three-color LED light, these color with meaning are designed to give feedback of the temperature information as well as communicate the health condition with the surroundings. Lighter filter of the mask is installed and replaced in a convenient way.

Other prizes
A design award,IF,Red Dot

Photo Credit: Zhangzhou Ganwoo Industrial Design Co.,ltd.