2020 / / Professional

Theo – the stylish dehumidifier by Stadler Form

  • Lead Designer
    Matti Walker
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    Photo Credit: Rothenbühler Visualisierungen

Theo by Stadler Form originated from the aim to create an air dehumidifier combining high performance with easy handling yet classy appearance – his slim waistline demonstrates simple elegance. Theo efficiently removes excess moisture from the air. By means of an integrated hygrostat the desired humidity can be set to 40/50/60%, or Theo can run continuously. When the programmed time period of 1 to 7 hours finishes or the water tank is full, Theo switches off automatically. His extra features make him easy to operate: 24/7 drainage due to a supplied hose, or his handle to lift Theo comfortably.

Photo Credit: Matti Walker
Credits: Photo Credit: Rothenbühler Visualisierungen