2020 / / Professional

Concrete speakers CL-03 ROHLING

  • Company
    Lautbrecher, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Luca Lenßen
  • Design Team
    Christian Wingerath, Luca Lenßen
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The CL-03 ROHLING is a high-end bookshelf speaker. It combines strictly minimalistic design work with highly functionally engineering. The material looks natural and most people who pass by feel the need to touch the smooth concrete surface. The feel and weight make clear that this product is not to be thrown away after a couple of years. Its connectivity and accessibility is designed to allow for upcoming technology upgrades and possible repairs. Europe’s biggest high-end magazine “AUDIO” has described them as fun to listen to. Lautbrecher’s ROHLING is pure candy for eye and ear!

Made in Germany, LAUTBRECHER combines minimalistic design and high-end audio.

The handcrafted solid concrete speakers feature unique cast-in details and enclose superb quality drivers with carefully selected crossover components.

Photo Credit: Lautbrecher