2020 / / Student

Cloud Storage Box

  • Lead Designer
    Jiayi Cai
  • Design Team
    JiaYi Cai,ShaoShi Yan,ZhiPing Chen,JiaLiang Cai
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    The Instructor Is Shaoshi Yan
  • University
    Macau University of Science and Technology

The cloud that looks comfortable and soft on the desktop is a storage box with some small protective objects.We combine the softness of paper towels with the tranquil beauty of white clouds,so that the surface of the cloud storage box has a uniform beauty and harmonious texture,The plate on the top of the container allows users to place small items in some easily accessible places,and the storage box below can be used as a tissue box and a piggy bank.At the same time,this design comes from our changes in storage and preservation behavior.people will have a good mood and a new feeling.

Photo Credit: Jiayi Cai
Credits: The Instructor Is ShaoShi Yan