2020 / / Professional

Nooie Smart Power Strip

  • Company
    Nooie Inc, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Sasha Tseng
  • Design Team
    Nooie Design Team
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  • Other credit
    Nooie Design Team

Nooie Smart Power Strip provides a novel and holistic approach to managing your home tucked inside an elegant and minimal shape. This gorgeous non-traditional power strip adds functionality and efficiency to existing appliances. Four remotely activated smart plugs and four USB ports raise the intelligence of your home with one simple connection. Your antique electric kettle can now wake you up to morning tea, a voice command can turn on backyard lights, and daily routines can be automated with schedules and timers. Your home becomes more productive, integrated, and sustainable.

Photo Credit: Nooie Inc
Credits: Nooie Design Team