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  • Company
    AROUNDtheTREE LTD, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Alexandre Caldas
  • Design Team
    Alexandre Caldas
  • Client
    AROUNDtheTREE Design
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The HIVE Sofa is a complex design that no one will be indifferent to. Is the result of a constant need for creation supported by everything we do just looking around the Tree. It is a premise and a challenge when designing. Nature constantly provides us with shapes and colours capable of awakening us to its application in objects and products every day. It was referring to the way bees build their hives and the strength that this same structure has that the idea of a sofa started to be designed inside my head and then finally, materialized.

AROUNDtheTREE is a European Brand of Signature Design Furniture launched in 2013. Designed and produced in Portugal, the land of craftsmen and age-old tradition,

AROUNDtheTREE statement is created unique, exclusive and timeless pieces with top of quality, detail and much passion

The aim of the brand is that AROUNDtheTREE pieces pass through generations, creating fantastic and unique stories from each piece.

Designing Stories for the Future !

Other prizes
Product design award by Design et al Silver Award by A'Design Awrds Gold Award by A'Design Awards

Photo Credit: Aroundthetree Ltd