2020 / / Professional

Smart Agarwood Burner

  • Company
    Detekt Design Company Limited, Thailand
  • Lead Designer
    Detekt Design Team
  • Design Team
    Detekt Design Team
  • Client
    I-Mobkhara, Saudi Arabia
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  • Other credit
    I-mobkhara, Saudi Arabia

DETEKT- We take aim to a creation of the most beautiful incense burner to perfume your soul scenting and bringing the world’s heritage – bringing wood of the ancient gods from a thousand of years to your everyday living.

Designing a cross-cultural product with latest technology, the i-Mabkhara is a smart electric incense burner designed to let users easily enjoy the Agarwood burning experience in a special way.

The incense burner as developed has a built-in battery, charging dock, simple controller, LEDs and Bluetooth Speaker allowing the users to use the burner for their everyday life.

Photo Credit: Detekt Design Company Limited
Credits: i-Mobkhara, Saudi Arabia