2020 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Lei Chen
  • Design Team
    Kun Li, Jianfeng Yue, Weilu Zhao and Yibo Ma
  • University
    Wuhan Polytechnic University

A new type of coronavirus has spread rapidly in Wuhan, China recently. However, the use of masks by the naked eye is not able to distinguish whether the virus, if these masks are not properly handled, the virus will spread further!
With a single press, the "protector" can display the symbol of "X" . "X" expresses "danger" and prompts people to handle it carefully. At the same time, the surrounding of "X" is treated with disinfectant, which further reduces the possibility of virus transmission. Especially in Africa, the Middle East and other regions where the infectious diseases are frequent.

Other prizes
2019 Red Dot Concept Award 2020 ASIA DESIGN PRIZE GOLD WINNER

Photo Credit: Lei Chen