2020 / / Professional

SUNLINE Specular asymmetric skylight

  • Company
    Lledo Energia, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Lledo Energia
  • Design Team
    Isabel Gómez Riera, David Rodriguez Galan
  • Client
    Lledo Group
  • Other credit
    Lledo Group

The Sun is an inexhaustible source of light. Why should we then artificially illuminate our buildings?

In addition of adequately diffusion and daylighting distribution claimed by other skylights, Sunline goes further: it is a dual-optical product that manages to also redirect the light from the sun.

The optics applied through the texturing, thickness and color of the Sunline layers can change the direction of the light and shine it, for example, perpendicularly.

A step further in energy savings and people well-being.

Photo Credit: Lledo Energia
Credits: LLEDO Group