2020 / / Professional

Pack-N-Ride crunk

  • Company
    Dutch Dog Design, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Matthys Van Leeuwen
  • Design Team
    Adrian Avramescu, Oded Kertes
  • Project Link

The Pack-N-Ride crunk offers flexibility in loading up your bicycle by adding, non-detachable or detachable, baskets or panniers. The detachable variant uses the Britch rack or Britch Lite rack adapter to connect to your bicycle. In addition, the extension trailer allows the bicycle to be 'crunked up' from 4 to 8 loading units ready to bikepack for an adventurous cycling vacation. Just kick the wheel down to turn the trailer into a rolling cart with the units operating as shopping baskets. The baskets stack for household use. The product comes with a waterproof cover hidden inside the design.

Photo Credit: Dutch Dog Design