2020 / / Student

Hydrus-Oil spill emergency treatment equipment

  • Lead Designer
    Shuzhan Yuan
  • Project Link
  • University
    Royal College of Art

Hydrus is an emergency treatment equipment for offshore oil spills. In this project, the designer focused on the negative impact of offshore oil spills on the global environment. In the face of an emergency of offshore oil spills, the crew onboard or the airdrop can quickly deliver the right amount of Hydrus equipment and remotely control it to enclose the leaked oil and then absorb the leaked crude oil into the equipment to prevent secondary pollution.

The designer hopes this equipment does not only try to solve one problem but also encourages people to deal with environmental change.

YUAN Shuzhan is a product designer and studying in the Royal College of Art. He tried to arouse people's deep thinking about every meaningful stuff in our life by design methods. He believes designing is more like studying and interpreting with this unknown world.

Other prizes
Lexus Design Award 2019, Red Star Design 2018

Photo Credit: Shuzhan Yuan