2020 / / Professional

Splash Bucket-AllCan

  • Company
    Polin Waterparks, Turkey
  • Lead Designer
    Emre Ozsoz
  • Design Team
    Utku Onursal Gulistanoglu, Turker Inan
  • Client
    Attica Zoo/Greece
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    F/28 Studio

The product is an interactive play tool developed for the amusement and attraction sectors. Ergonomic structure and game scenario not only includes joyful game but also supports hand, arm and eye coordination of players and development of their reflexes. Dimensional specialities of the product were being optimized considering children, adults and even disabled people with the purpose of high suitability for everyone. This design which is an entertainment tool enriched with water and visual effects are intended to add a bit of happiness and entertainment to people’s lives.

Photo Credit: Polin Waterparks
Credits: F/28 STUDIO