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    Taga, Israel
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    Taga design team
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    Taga design team
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MoonRun is an IOT aerobic fitness trainer perfectly designed for the Stay-at-Home trend. It is portable, exciting, healthy and affordable alternative to the cumbersome and expensive treadmills
MoonRun is embedded with sensors to provide an immersive 'outside' experience. Information like distance and calories-burned are wirelessly transferred to running apps and games and serves as an endless platform of addictive, gamified stimulation
MoonRun's elastic harness physically uplifts the body and protects the joints and muscles. This allows to train harder while creating less impact on the body

Taga is a leading product design and mechanical engineering firm from Israel, the Start-up Nation. Our teams designed and developed more than 1000 products in the areas of Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics and Professional Equipment for companies worldwide. Taga’s customers include Medtronic, General Electric Healthcare, Flextronics, Lumenis, Sephora, Mazor Robotics, Roche, HumanEyes, ReWalk, and more.
Taga’s award-winning designs are produced and sold around the world and some of them presented a major breakthrough in their category, resulting in a significant business success.

Other prizes
Over the years, Taga has won over 50 awards by world's most known design awards- IDA, Red Dot, IF, EPDA, Core77, Good Design,CES Innovation Award, etc'

Photo Credit: Taga