2020 / / Professional

Textile Lightweight Console

  • Company
    dekonform | büro für gestaltung, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Karl-Ludwig Holl
  • Design Team
    Karl-Ludwig Holl, Jörg Meister
  • Client
    Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe

In future mobility, there will be no “workplace driver“ and generally no defined places for persons/features in cars. Like at home: no one would glue furniture to the floor. Furniture in Italian: mobili! Get mobile with your car interior – the “Textile Lightweight Console“-DesignConcept is a new design- and technology approach, which takes account of new requirements and conditions in future carinterior design. The “Textile Lightweight Console“ was designed, visualized and also a fully functioning prototype was built – and shown at automotive exhibitions around the world with enormous success.

Photo Credit: Dekonform | Büro Für Gestaltung