2020 / / Student

BLASS. Bacterial-produced glass.

  • Lead Designer
    Polina Baikina
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  • Other credit
    Main Photo: Ronald Smits, Other: Designer Copr.
  • University
    Design Academy Eindhoven

A new type of 3D printing that uses bacteria to bind silica powder into glass products. Nature is a great inspiration for sustainable innovations. Traditional glass making requires a lot of heat, while this method would allow cold production of glass, lowering CO2 emissions, making the process less labour intensive and more cost efficient. This is a speculative project, inspired by the use of bacteria to form bio-concrete from sand. Lab testing is needed to find the right type of bacteria. When found, the process would create unique products: we fully control the 3D software, but not bacteria.

Former economist, changed occupation to design after few years of working. Studied at Parsons, New York at Graphic Design Summer course. In 2013 took a job at one of the top ten branding studios of Moscow - Ermolaev Bureau, combining with study at the British Higher School of Art and Design. In 2019 graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, department Man and Activity.

Photo Credit: Polina Baikina
Credits: Main photo: Ronald Smits, Other: designer copr.